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Condensed Matter Physics
Diode Laser Spectroscopy
Earth's Field NMR
Earth's Field NMR with Gradient/Field Coils
Fabry-Perot Cavity
Faraday Rotation
Foundational Magnetic Susceptibility
Fourier Methods
Hall Effect Probe
Magnetic Force
Magnetic Torque
Modern Interferometry
Muon Physics
Noise Fundamentals
Optical Pumping
Power/Audio Amplifier
Pulse Counter/Interval Timer
Pulsed/CW NMR Spectrometer
Quantum Analogs
Room Temperature Hall Effect System
Signal Processor/Lock in Amplifier
Torsional Oscillator
Torsional Oscillator Auxiliary Electronics
Two-Slit Interference, One Photon at a Time
UltraSonics Experiments
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