Food Truck for the Physics Mind

Advanced and Intermediate Physics Lab Outreach Program

Come aboard TeachSpin’s 44 foot trailer outfitted with a wide variety of advanced physics experiments, all powered up and ready to take measurements.  Get a sense of the exciting opportunities available for students and faculty in a modern hands-on upper-level experimental physics course.

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The Food Truck for the Physics Mind houses 20 different Advanced and Intermediate Physics Instruments

Faculty, staff, and students are invited aboard for a hands-on learning experience. Our expert physicists will be available to give you an overview of each instrument.


We will work with your physics department to structure your campus visit to complement your specific needs and/or curriculum.  The day can include demonstrations, student mini-labs on a pre-selected set of instruments and/or workshops, along with open-house times where guests are free to roam.

For a walk through the instruments featured on board, check out
A Virtual Tour of TeachSpin’s “Food Truck for the Physics Mind”

Featured Apparatus

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All Profits from the sale of TeachSpin Apparatus are Assigned to the J.F. Reichert Foundation, a 501 (C) (3) Charitable organization which supports, with grants, advanced physics laboratories.

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