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Condensed Matter Physics

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​In support of advanced physics laboratories, TeachSpin offers a new package that introduces fundamental physics laboratory experiments and techniques in condensed matter physics.

We bring to you and your students multiple experiments in condensed-matter physics, hosted in turn in a versatile Dewar with its associated vacuum system, designed to be used with liquid-nitrogen coolant, making accessible a temperature range of 80 – 400 K, within a sample space that can be under vacuum, or filled with a chosen gas.



 Our initial experimental offerings, designed to be hosted in this system, are

·         Electrical Transport:  Resistivity and Hall-Effect measurements in metals and semiconductors.

·         Magnetic Susceptibility:  Measuring c for materials by a Hartshorn-coil ac-susceptibility technique, backed up (for absolute measurement) by            TeachSpin’s FMS package.

·         Specific Heat:  Measuring cP for solid material samples by a vacuum heat-pulse technique.


·         Superconductivity:  Offering three ways to see the transition in a high-Tc superconductor – by 4-wire resistivity, by magnetic susceptibility,                and by persistent currents.


·         Adiabatic Demagnetization:  Displaying ‘magnetic cooling’ in two materials upon the removal of a sample from a field of up to 0.9 T.

We will be making available material samples for these experiments, and also to empower users to prepare samples of their own.

We support these experiments, and the Dewar itself, with all the appropriate support electronics, hosting newly-developed TeachSpin, and SRS, Small Instrument Modules in an SRS mainframe or ‘crate’.


Our Janis/TeachSpin Dewar ‘platform’ is versatile enough to host our three debut experiments, and others still in the development pipeline.  It is student-friendly, comes fully equipped with feed-through's, wiring, heaters, and temperature transducers, and contains plenty of interior space.

Our recommended vacuum system is based on turn-key operation of oil-free diaphragm and turbo-molecular pumps, permitting quick and easy access to vacuum, without the need for cooling water.  Our system is complete with all appropriate vacuum fittings and gauges.

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