David Van Baak

Senior Staff Physicist

David Van Baak was propelled by middle-school hobbies in electronics and astronomy into studying physics (as a sort of average between engineering and mathematics).  His degrees (from Calvin College and Harvard University) predate the Reagan administration.  He was a faculty person at Calvin College for most of 1980-2014, with a specialization in advanced-laboratory tasks.  From 2005 onward, he collaborated with TeachSpin as a summer visitor, and took up full-time work in Buffalo after retiring from his faculty position.  He belongs to that tiny Venn-diagram overlap region of persons who know how to run both a sewing machine and a milling machine.  His interests outside of work include mountain backpacking and canal kayaking.

2495 Main Street

Buffalo, New York 14214

Office:  716-885-4701

Fax:  836-1077



All Profits from the sale of TeachSpin Apparatus are Assigned to the J.F. Reichert Foundation, a 501 (C) (3) Charitable organization which supports, with grants, advanced physics laboratories.

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