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All Profits from the sale of TeachSpin Apparatus are Assigned to the J.F. Reichert Foundation, a 501 (C) (3) Charitable organization which supports, with grants, advanced physics laboratories.

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No matter what you call it - Advanced Physics Lab, Junior/Senior Lab, Modern Lab, Optics Lab, Senior Project, or even Undergraduate Research - TeachSpin apparatus offers your faculty and students a wide array of exciting and challenging hands-on physics experiments.

Our Mission

Designed Specifically for Teaching

No Resident Expert Required

Promote Conceptual Understanding

TeachSpin is dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing and support of rugged, reliable, hands-on laboratory instruments that enable any school, no matter what the size or individual expertise of its faculty, to teach a wide variety of classic and modern upper-level physics experiments.

All of our apparatus is designed and built by university physicists who have taught in the undergraduate lab and are well aware of the constraints of both student use and laboratory budgets. Many of our advanced instruments give research-quality data and lend themselves to open-ended upper-level projects. Several of our instruments have been built in collaboration with faculty who have worked with us to make locally developed experiments available.

Designed specifically for teaching, TeachSpin instruments both promote conceptual understanding and encourage investigations across a wide intellectual “phase space”. Because we recognize that advanced lab instructors must often teach outside their specialty area or experimental "comfort zone", TeachSpin apparatus is both engineered and supported to provide satisfying results with  "No Resident Expert Required."