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Magnetic Torque - "A New Classic"

Newsletter 1 – Improving Precession Precision
Newsletter 2 – Magnetic Force Balance (A New Addition)
Newsletter 3 - Magnetic Torque - A "Classic" Made Even Better
Demonstrating Magnetic Resonance and the Pulsed NMR Spin Flip

Magnetic Torque Brochure
Lab Topics:
Classical Mechanics
Electricity & Magnetism
Magnetic Resonance
Medical Physics
Modern Physics
Physical Chemistry
Solid State Physics

The Instrument - *Note: Upgrades are Now available for instruments purchased before 2010

Magnetic Torque Device

Magnetic Moments Interacting with Magnetic Fields
  • Measure Magnetic Moment Four Independent Ways
    • Static Torque
    • Harmonic Oscillation
    • Precession
    • Magnetic Force
  • Gyromagnetic Ratio
  • "Magnetic Resonance" Spin-Flip Analog
Magnetic Torque offers students an opportunity not only to make quantitative measurements involving electromagnetism, torque and simple harmonic motion but also to study, quantitatively, the phenomenon of precession.

This instrument is equally at home in an Honors Freshman Lab, an Intermediate Sophomore/Junior physics laboratory and, as an analog for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, in either a Modern Physics or Advanced Senior Laboratory.

Although every introductory physics textbook discusses the interactions of a current loop with magnetic fields, Magnetic Torque and Magnetic Force are the only teaching apparatus capable of demonstrating such interactions.

  • Using small magnetized disks that act like magnetic dipoles, students measure phenomena that result from magnetic torque or magnetic force.
  • Students can determine the dipole moment of the disk in a variety of ways using fundamental E&M and mechanics principles.
  • In addition, Mt1-A can be used to demonstrate basic principles of magnetic resonance including a Pulsed NMR spin-flip.

Magnetic Torque now comes with the Magnetic Force Balance Kit.


*Significant improvements have been made to the original Magnetic Torque apparatus shown below. We have developed an entirely new pump system which can be installed in your apparatus. Other changes included a new strobe which will improve the accuracy of student measurements. Please read here for the details.

Contact us to see how your original model can be upgraded.

Magnetic Torque Device