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Hall Effect Probe

Newsletter – Using the Handy Hall Effect Probe

Hall Effect Probe Brochure
Lab Topics :
Electricity and Magnetism

Hall Effect Probe

Measure the Magnetic Fields that You Teach
  • Measures Magnetic Fields of Simple Configurations
  • Student Calibrated
  • Transverse and Radial Sensors
  • High Sensitivity: 2x10-3 mT (2 microtesla)
TeachSpin Inc. has developed a two-axis Hall Effect Probe with microtesla sensitivity that is capable of measuring the magnetic fields discussed in introductory electricity and magnetism courses at both colleges and secondary schools.

The magnetic field created by the current in a long straight wire is the standard application of Ampere's Law. The axial magnetic field of a current loop is often the textbook's example of the Biot-Savart Law. The 1/r3 dependence of the field of a magnetic dipole and the uniformity of the axial field in a Helmholtz pair are other examples that can be found in the problem section of many texts.

The Hall Effect Probe makes measurements of these "textbook" fields possible and affordable.