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Power/Audio Amplifier

Learn about Signal Processor/Lock-In Amplifier (SPLIA1-A)
Learn about Faraday Rotation (FR1-A)

Power/Audio Amplifier Brochure


TeachSpin's PAA1-A is truly a "Utility Infielder" for the lab, be it research or teaching.

Originally designed to support the Signal Processor/Lock-In Amplifier for experiments requiring large modulating currents, it has become an indispensable workhorse for a wide variety of tasks. We guarantee that if you buy one for the student lab you will find yourself borrowing it.

The compact instrument has a response all the way from DC to past 20 kHz and is capable of output currents of one ampere. This is a true bipolar amplifier, able to drive its output above or below ground potential, and to hold it at the desired potential.

TeachSpin's PAA1-A is also a recommended accessory for the Faraday Rotation apparatus.