​​​July 2017  - ​ Condensed Matter Physics - Magnetic Susceptibility vs.  Temperature

May 2017 - Condensed Matter Physics

February 2017 - Examining Feedback, Using the Torsional Oscillator

April 2016  -  How Low Can You Go? - Modern Interferometry and the fundamentals

of the LIGO experiment to detect gravitational waves

February 2016  -  New Experiments with Diode Laser Spectroscopy -  Non-linear

Faraday Rotation in rubidium gas

July 2015- Diagnosing Noise- Noise Fundamentals

May 2015 -  TeachSpin's Torsional Oscillator as a 'Watt Balance' - Torsional Oscillator and the Electronic Kilogram -

February 2015 - Foundational Magnetic Susceptibility - Making its debut at the March 2015 APS meeting in San Antonio

December 2014 - A Journey of Discovery in Quantum Physics - Table-top Exploration of 2- and 3-Photon Transitions with TeachSpin's Optical Pumping

October 2014 - Modern Interferometry - Interferometry, Interferometery, and more Interferometry 

February 2014 - Fourier Methods - More Tools!

January 2014 - UltaSonic Physics; National Awards Focused on the Advanced Laboratory

July 2013 - Pulsed NMR Imaging - An Introduction 

May 2013 - What's a SPAD?

February 2013 - Nominate Yourself and/or Your Colleague for the NEW APS Award for Excellence in Advanced Laboratory Instruction

May 2012 - A Proposal for ALPhA - Transform Research into Advanced Labs

February 2012 - "TeachSpin's Hat-Trick" - Introducing Fourier Methods, UltraSonics, Pulse Counter/Interval Timer 

December 2011 - Coherent Population Trapping - 'Quantum Fun' with your Diode Laser Apparatus 

May 2011 - Optical Pumping- "Beyond the Manual - but Latent in the Apparatus "

December 2010 - Magnetic Torque - "A "Classic" Made Even Better ", ALPhA Immersions, Two-Slit Interference, One Photon at a Time on You Tube. 

May 2010 - Noise Fundamentals - "Where Noise IS the Signal"

December 2009 - Putting the'R' Into the Earth's Field NMR

August 2009 - Muon Physics - More About Muons

June 2009 - Quantum Analogs - Let Your Students Play, Too.

February 2009 - The Torsional Oscillator, Damped and Driven - "Bringing the simple harmonic oscillator to life"

November 2008 - The Torsional Oscillator Again, Magnetic Torque in Action, Taking real harmonic oscillators out of the hands of theorists to put them into the hands of your students.

September 2008 - More Experiments for our new Pulsed/cw NMR Spectrometer. Finding signals from inequivalent protons.

July 2008 - Torsional Oscillator, an instrument appropriate from the freshman to advanced lab. The first in a series, this issue features experiments for the introductory levels.

June 2008 - Pulsed NMR on STEROIDS, TeachSpin's new Pulsed/CW NMR.

February 2008 - Quantum Analogs, ALPhA Election Results.

November 2007 - New Experiments with TeachSpin's Optical Pumping, "Making Your Spins Follow the Field"; a challenge for your most advanced students.

September 2007 - Using the Handy Hall Effect Probe; Greensboro AAPT Reception for ALPhA.

May 2007 - Introducing Advanced Laboratory Physics Association (ALPhA); Report on Reception at March meeting of APS; Comments from Harvey Leff, Krishna Chowdary and Jonathan Reichert.

March 2007 - Introducing The Teeter-Totter - A Magnetic Force Balance to find the magnetic moment (µ) of the Magnetic Torque Sphere; Exploring the new Advanced Lab Listserv; Magnetic Force Scale Error; Invitation to the March 7 Reception for Advanced Laboratory Instructors at APS Denver

January 2007 - TeachSpin Designed Component Parts Available for Instructional or Research Projects, Laboratory "Security" Labels.

Fall 2006 - Contributions from our Users for Improving Precession Measurements with Magnetic Torque, Modern Interferometry instruments on the way, Acknowleding Modern Interferometry Collaborators, Bully Pulpit: Our Non-hands-on Incoming Students.

Summer 2006 - Adding a Fabry-Perot to Diode Laser Spectroscopy, Price Changes on the Way, Bully Pulpit: Finding Funding for Advanced Lab Equipment

Spring 2006 - Detailed Description of Modern Interferometry, New Pump for Magnetic Torque 

Fall 2005 - Using the Signal Processor/Lock-In Amplifier, Cricket Makes Photon Arrivals Audible, Bully Pulpit: Re-Energizing the Advanced Lab/Let's Get together and Create a Consortium

Spring 2005 - Adding Gradient and Field Coils to Earth's Field NMR, Muon Physics as a Hallway Display, Bully Pulpit: Multiple Experiments with the Same Apparatus Promotes Student "Ownership"

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Historic Photograph: TeachSpin's first instrument "Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance"  1994

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