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Magnetic Force

Magnetic Force Brochure

See Magnetic Force in Action at MIT - Photo by Andy Neely

Lab Topics :
Electricity and Magnetism
Magnetic Force
  • Measures Magnetic Moment by Magnetic Force
  • Measures dB/dz vs z for a Current Loop
  • Resolves Pervasive E&M Misconceptions
MF1-A is a hands-on instrument designed to explore the forces on a permanent magnetic dipole by external magnetic fields. Essentially all introductory texts discuss magnetic forces on dipoles, yet students have not had an opportunity to perform either qualitative or quantitative experiments with this interaction.

The MF1-A uses a small neodymium-iron-boron permanently magnetized disk as a model system for an ideal dipole moment, and a pair of Helmholtz coils to create the external magnetic fields. The various experiments using MF1-A are appropriate for both high school and university students. From TeachSpin's extensive experince demonstrating Magnetic Torque Mt1-A, we are convinced that Magnetic Force experiments will not only surprise (even amaze) most students, but will also serve to clear up on the most pervasive physics misconceptions in E&M. We have developed this affordable apparatus to give students concrete learning experiences with magnetic forces.