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Diode Laser Spectroscopy

Diode Laser Spectroscopy Brochure

Newsletter 1 – The Fabry-Perot Addition
Newsletter 2 – Coherent Population Trapping 'Quantum Fun'...
Learn about Fabry-Perot Cavity

Conceptual Introduction – Diode Laser Spectroscopy
Diode Laser Spectroscopy-Saturated Absorption and Crossover Transitions

Lab Topics :
Atomic Physics
Modern Physics
Quantum Optics


Diode Laser Spectroscopy

Grating Feedback External Cavity Diode Laser

Sanyo DL7140-201 Laser
l = 784 nm
Maximum Power: 70 mW
Single mode index guided structure
Holographic Grating:
Spacing: 1800 lines/mm
Piezo Stack
Displacement: 3.0 mm @ 100 V
Maximum Frequency Response: 3kHz (mounted)
Thermo-electric Cooler
Maximum cooling power: 10 Watts at 2A
Temperature Range: 0 - 60oC
Temperature Stability: better than 0.01oC
External Cavity Length and Laser Polarization
Scan Range Without Mode Hop
PZT alone: approx. 5 GHz
Simultaneous Current and PZT Scan: > 10 GHz

Current Control
Current: 0 - 100 mA
Maximum modulation frequency: 1MHz
Current Noise: < 50 nA rms
Laser Temperature Controller
Back panel set point potentiometer and analog input for temperature sweeps
Cell Temperature Control
Temperature regulated oven: room temperature - 100oC
Ramp Generator
Frequency range: 1 mHz - 10 kHz
Output amplitude: 0 - 10 V p-p
Piezo Controller
Modulation input 0 - 100 V
Detector Control
Two detector inputs for signal subtraction and laser locking
Laser has been locked to SAS feature for more than one hour

Photodiode Detectors
PIN Photodiode: 0.25" diameter
I-V pre Amp: 333W to 10 MW "gain" in 1, 3, 10 steps

Absorption Cell Assembly
Rubidium Cell Dimensions: 1" diameter x 1" length
Cell Heater
Rotatable Cell Mount
Helmholtz Coils 10 mT@ 3 A

Learn about Fabry-Perot Cavity .