TeachSpin apparatus offers your students a wide array of exciting and challenging hands-on physics experiments for their advanced physics lab, junior/senior lab, modern lab, optics lab, senior project and even undergraduate research.


TeachSpin, Inc. is a for-profit corporation wholly owned by the non-profit

Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation.

All profits from the sale of TeachSpin apparatus are assigned to the J.F. Reichert foundation a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization which supports, with grants, advanced physic laboratories.

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Apparatus Designed and Built by Physicists who have taught in the Advanced Undergraduate Lab

​All profits generated from the sale of TeachSpin apparatus go to the  

Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation to support advanced laboratory instruction

Unique Support

No Resident Expert required


No matter what you call it, Advanced Physics Lab, Upper Division Lab, Junior/Senior Lab, Modern Lab, Optics Lab or even Great Experiments in Physics, TeachSpin apparatus offers your faculty and students a wide array of exciting and challenging hands-on physics experiments.

TeachSpin Instruments can be found in institutions all over the world. Members of the TeachSpin community are always very generous with their expertise. If you would like to “talk” with a colleague already using one of our instruments at a school you know, let us know. We would be delighted to make the arrangements. See USERS LIST - a listing of every school owning TeachSpin Apparatus.

​TeachSpin instruments are specifically designed and built for teaching by university professors who have taught in the undergraduate lab and understand the instructional and technical support needs of the academic community. All of our instruments are built in the United States and come with our two-year warranty on all parts and labor.
Our personal technical and instructional support will be provided for the life of the instrument.

Warranty: TeachSpin is so confident of the quality and durability of its instruments that we offer a two-year warranty on all purchases. 

Support: During business hours, the physicists who design and build these instruments are there for you at the other end of the telephone line! And, of course, we answer questions by email as well. 

Collegial Connections: We can put you in touch by email or phone with faculty and staff already using a particular apparatus in their own instructional labs. We can even connect you to instructors nearby. You will find that members of the EACH community are always generous with their expertise. 

Training at TeachSpin:  For a nominal fee you can enjoy a full day of personal attention from the physicists who design and build our apparatus. This experience will prepare you to teach a new instrument with confidence or offer an opportunity to explore more advanced applications of an old favorite.